Causes, Treatment And Doses For Erectile Dysfunction

Causes, Treatment And Doses For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a hugely prevalent situation and it badly affects about 600,000 new cases every year. There are millions of men in the worldwide are struggling with erectile malfunctioning problem. In many cases ED is not even diagnosed as the males do not want to go to a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread male sexual health issue, which makes unable to maintain or continue harder or stiffer erection during intimacy session.

How erectile dysfunction happens in men?

Well, the male primary genital has two cylindrical shaped chambers known as corpus cavernosum, which contains number of tissues and blood vessels. A male gets stimulated by touch and visual stimulus, when arousal happen the brain directs some chemical messengers to the corpus cavernosum that dilates and widens the blood vessels so that more blood flows through the reproductive area.  This fills both the corpus cavernosum and makes the penile organ erect. Due to insufficient blood flow or insufficient stimulation a man can face erection difficulty.

Erection is a complex process and it equally involves the brain, blood vessels, nerves, smooth vessels and hormones. Any problem in any of these things can scare the erection process. Basically, erection problems occur due to unhealthy lifestyle, physical and psychological reasons.

Various causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)-

Physical causes are mostly related to situations that disturb the blood circulation, blood pressure and the nerves in that region. Conditions such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can disturb the blood flow in the penile area and lead to ED.

Then, there are the psychological reasons, which are responsible for the 10% to 20% of ED cases but are growing fast. Since the arousal begins in the brain, a good mental health of a male is necessary to get a sound erection. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, tension, unwanted stress, and performance related tensions etc. will adversely affect the male’s libido and make arousal difficult.

Now, stop worrying about erection problems as there are various natural and ayurvedic sex power medicines are available in the market, which positively treat erection problems without any side effects and make your partner happy and satisfied with your performance.

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