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It a hugely prevalent situation, ED and is believed to affect about 600,000 new cases every year. Worldwide, millions and millions of males suffer from this situation and yet the number of those who seek therapy is far less. In many cases ED is not even diagnosed as the males do not want to go to a doctor.

Abbreviated form of erectile dysfunction ED is a widespread male sensual health issue in which a male encounters difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection which is hard and stable enough for intercourse. So, you must now want to know how all this happens. Well, the male primary genital has two cylindrical shaped chambers known as corpus cavernosum. This shaft has a bunch of tissue and blood vessels in it. A male gets aroused by touch and visual stimulus, when arousal happens the brain directs some chemical messengers to the corpus cavernosum which dilates and widens the blood vessels so that more blood flows through the male genital.  This fills both the corpus cavernosum and makes the penile organ erect. When there is little blood flow or not enough stimulation then a man can encounter problems with erection.

Erection is a complex process and involves the brain, blood vessels, nerves, smooth vessels and hormones. Any complication in any of these things can disturb the erection process. Basically, the symptoms are divided into two sectors physical and psychological and in many cases both these factors can exist in a person.

Physical Causes are mostly related to situations that disturb the blood circulation, blood pressure and the nerves in that region. Conditions such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can disturb the blood flow in the penile region and lead to ED. In most cases it is the physical cause which is responsible for ED.

Then there are the psychological causes which account for the 10% to 20% of ED cases but are growing fast. Since the arousal begins in the brain, a good mental health of a male is necessary to get a sound erection. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, performance anxiety etc. will adversely affect the male’s libido and make arousal difficult. ED is not naturally related to aging through with the growing age its prevalence also increases. In younger males it is mostly the psychological causes which affect more.

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LongJack (last longer in bed pills) is ingested orally with water. It is taken 30 minutes before lovemaking. 

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