Natural And Herbal Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Natural And Herbal Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is known as impotence and it is defined as an inability of a man to get and maintain appropriate penile erection during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to various reasons, which can be functional and temporary.

Reasons and treatment of erectile dysfunction-

Excessive alcoholism, anxiety, nervousness, stress, fears, emotional or physical fatigue and side effects of certain medication can cause temporary erection failure in men.

Rest, simple counseling, and discussion of the normal anatomy and physiology of penile erection usually enough to effectively treat such causes of erectile malfunctioning problem of men.

More serious and organic causes of erectile dysfunction include high blood pressure, kidney or liver impairment, heart disease, hormonal problem, neurological problem, penile deformity, ageing, and insufficient blood flow towards the penile region of men.

 These reasons need to be treated specifically so as to bring about an improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Natural and ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction-

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For the simple and functional reasons of erectile dysfunction, in addition to counseling and herbal medicines can be taken to overcome excessive anxiety, stress, fatigue, and help the genitourinary organs to perform at an optimum level.

Nowadays, a variety of natural and ayurvedic medicines are available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Now, with the regular consumption of LongJack capsules, you can easily get rid of impotence or erectile problems of men.

Longjack is an unique combination of pure and original Shilajit, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Vidarikanda, Kaunch beej, and original Kesar, which naturally helps in improving blood flow towards male reproductive region and induces harder, thicker and stronger erection for long-lasting intimate performance.

Health benefits of LongJack Capsules-

  • Boosts sexual power & stamina
  • Improves intimacy timing
  • Increase penile size
  • Offers harder, thicker and longer erection
  • Boosts testosterone hormonal level
  • Improves fertility rates
  • Improves sperm production

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How to take Long Jack capsules?

Long Jack capsule is available in the form of capsule. So, you should consume one LongJack capsule orally with one glassful of lukewarm water or milk preferably after meals. To manage erectile dysfunction, it is strictly recommended to take regularly before intercourse and keep the gap of 24 hours between two dosages.

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