Healthy and happy intimacy is successful treatment for headache, migraine, narrowing of the brain veins etc.

Why Healthy And Happy Intimacy Is Important For Every Couple?

It is believed that healthy and happy sex works like a medicine for many diseases. On one side, intercourse in married life brings happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, creates a strong bond between couples and maintains good health and beauty. From side to side, there are many types of hormones arises in the human body whish assists to maintain better health and beauty. By doing intimacy, the quantity of endorphin hormone increases, which leads the skin beautiful, smooth and shiny. Secondly, Estrogen hormone is a wonder for the body which experiences an exclusive pleasure and also offers more excitement, enthusiasm, passion and confidence. Regular sexual intercourse is a good approach to refresh your mind and relieve stress. It keeps away from heart disease, mental stress, blood pressure and heart attacks. Those who abstain from intimacy they suffer shame, inhibition, low confidence, stress and diseases.

Sex is a type of exercise and does not need any special kind of instruments, suits, shoes or expensive exercise material. This exercise removes the muscle stretches and makes the body flexible. One time intimacy is more efficient than 10 to 20 rounds of fatiguing exercise or swimming. Even, intimacy is beneficial to overcome obesity or unwanted body fat. In a one-time sexual activity, 100-500 calories of energy are spent.

Healthy and happy intimacy is successful treatment for headache, migraine, narrowing of the brain veins etc.

Healthy and happy intimacy is successful treatment for headache, migraine, narrowing of the brain veins etc. Even, it gives peaceful sleep by managing insomnia disorders. A female, who regularly supports her husband in intimacy, never face any menstrual disorders.

Furthermore, intercourse done in the last hour of the night, feels refreshing for the whole day. Sex is not limited to only vaginal penetration but it also includes touch, kisses, hug etc, without all these activities, intercourse will not be completed. It should be kept in mind that intimacy with your partner not only important for health and beauty but also is beneficial in many ways.

If you are incapable to have healthy and happy sexual intercourse and faces weakness, low confidence, or any complaint related to sexual act then you go for the medical help. “What is the perfect time for sex”? It is one of the most common question arises in the mind of everyone. Doctors have different opinions in this matter. Some doctors believe that the duration of ideal intimacy should be 3 to 4 minutes but some believe that it should be done for at least 15 minutes after vaginal penetration.

In my opinion, the ideal period of intimacy should be that in which both man and woman could reach the peak of sexual pleasure or excitement. If at the time of coitus between a man and woman, both of them ejaculate before reaching the climax and no one gets full satisfaction, happiness, pleasure and enjoyment in the relationship, then their marital life becomes useless.

In such a condition, the suggestion of a qualified doctor may be required or get the permanent treatment so that both husband and wife can be fully satisfied and spend their married life joyfully.

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